A Table

Aida Adilbek

26 July 2019

5-10pm (one day only event)

The Change Room

A table, whatever shape, size and form it might take, represents an idea of sharing. It could be a shared piece of bread, a shared piece of information, maybe a secret or an invention, or a homework on trigonometry. Sometimes, it’s even more ephemeral. It’s a shared idea fed by conversations, a shared feeling fed by words and gestures, a shared solitude, a shared anger. A table can break us up, reconcile us, gather us. Unique dynamics that may or may not occur between families, friends and strangers. A table is Aida Adilbek’s ongoing experiment consisting of trials to transform an object into the core of performative actions that proceed to perform without the artist’s involvement.

Booklet handout (*interview with artist Aida Adilbek enclosed)

About the artist

Aida Adilbek (1994, Almaty, Kazakhstan) graduated from Kazakh National Art Academy in 2012 in Almaty majoring in BA Art History, followed by work in museums and galleries, art festivals as Assistant Curator and Curator of independent projects. Since 2012 she has expanded on her artistic practice, through performance, whose main themes concern female characters, their submissive or dominant position throughout time and changes in culture.

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