The Great Dyeing

Kyle Kruse

26 April 2019

6-9pm (one day only event)

The Change Room

Well it’s a story, a story about blood. Two-Hundred-Fifty Million Years ago this planet saw its largest extinction event, more than half of all living things ceased to be, we call it the Great Dying, fossil fuels burning through the atmosphere till there’s almost nothing left. Sounds familiar don’t it? When there’s not much left we sell what we can, when there’s not much of that we sell ourselves. Factory farming humans and horseshoe crabs for plasma, sold to the highest bidder by multinational pharmaceutical mega companies and shipped on freighters worldwide. Red blood, blue blood, washed through the machines in rows and racks it’s all the same. Who is allowed to sell, who has value to this market, and who’s arms carry the pocked needle scars? This one’s called The Great Dyeing, welcome back and have a seat.

Booklet handout (*interview with artist Kyle Kruse enclosed)

About the artist

Kyle Kruse (b. 1993) is an American artist living and working in London, combining spoken word, sculptural installation and moving image, to pull together personal and geopolitical narratives, hovering between discursive pasts and anarchistic futures. Using himself as material to become an array of locations, objects, and characters, he composes rhythms of disorientation and collapse. Pastoral image and childhood innocence slide seamlessly into trauma and nightmare seductions. Reality and fiction disarticulate themselves in Kruse’s stories, tearing through memory, history, and perception, exposing the latticework, the interconnectivity of action and affect, the skeletons in our closet.

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