Roundtable discussions (Feb 2020 - Present)

The Change Room presents monthly roundtable discussions that with each iteration, engage with a new theme, discussing collective ecological thinking, support structures, and various degrees of invisibility within climate and habitat destruction. 

If you are interested in taking part in future sessions, please email us.

Session 1 (12 February 2020)

How can we contribute to the battle against climate and environmental emergency?

How do we act together?

Attendants: Oana Damir, Sara Rodrigues, Kyle Kruse, Saskia Fischer, Rodrigo Camacho, Olga Koroleva via Skype, Sam Schmitt, Monica Tolia

Session 2 (23 March 2020)

As much as the current pandemic impacts our lives, and our livelihoods, are there any benefits for our air pollution, the local ecosystems, the CO2 emissions? Can we look at the silver lining behind this? 

Attendants: Oana Damir, Ella Mckenzie, Danielle Ash, Olga Koroleva, Mariana Lemos, Monica Tolia, Sam Schmitt, Nella Aarne, Fernando Garcia Dory, Beatriz Creel

Session 3 (TBC)

How can we start to think about the aftermath of waste that will be left behind, at the end of the pandemic, and its impact on our environments?

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